Saul's Place Group B.V.

The Evolution of Humankind stands with Us

Unlocking Humankind's Full Potential

Our mission is clear. Mankind must gain complete control over their brain. We are capable of much more than what regular science shows. Governments have various fringe science divisions that investigate this in secret. Do you know the term "super soldier"?

We want everyone to regain control of their lives. We want to know what the human brain is capable of. We want to share the knowledge. We always want to gain new knowledge. Our work is never finished.

Companies such as Apple create virtual assistants such as Siri. What value would such an assistant add if one does not know how the brain works, how one can fully utilize the brain and how one can convert it virtually?

Our mission is to do what our business partners do in-house. Set up our own R&D department and improve as many people's lives as possible. We do everything for people and society.