Saul's Place Group B.V.

The Evolution of Humankind stands with Us

We have many brands and subsidiaries. One of our subsidiaries is Saul's Place Counseling B.V.

Saul's Place Counseling B.V. is applying fringe science on clients to gain them a better live or to gain them any goals in live they would want.

Saul van der Bijl by Saul's Place is one of their consumer brands. This brand is famous for helping international celebrities gaining their goals with the help of fringe science. Thanks to the developments in fringe science we can guarantee our clients that they reach their goals with our treatments.

Retraite by Saul's Place organizes individual retreats to more than 80 locations worldwide. At the retreat, which is reinvented by Saul's Place Counseling B.V., clients can make unlimited use of most of the services Saul van der Bijl by Saul's Place has to offer.