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Study programme parapsychology in collaboration with LOI

Saul’s Place Counseling is developing a revised version of the study programme parapsychology in collaboration with LOI this year. Both parties would like to deduct outdated paradigms and dogmas. Students already got the first study material and their login details on the 1th of May.

As a partner Saul’s Place Counseling will be closely involved in the formation of the study material. Subjects which are part of the study programme are for example: telepathy, second sight, psychokinesis, precognition, prognostic dreams, out of body experience and near death experiences.
Also proving these things by using experiments is one of the included subjects. The successful experiments as well as official reported occasions. Saul’s Place Counseling is aiming for an obligation of this study programme for the parapsychological section. Now, there are a lot of people with another interpretation in this work area. Because of this obligation there will be continuous quality again.
It's not the first time for LOI to offer this study programme says Marga Ligtenberg, account manager at LOI. “We've removed the study programme because of the low number of students and because we've already had a lot of programmes. The collaboration with Saul's Place Counseling gives us the opportunity to offer an innovative and perfectly complete study programme with wide information and practical examples. We also found a good teacher who can assist the students from a distance.”
During this study programme the students stay updated through an online study platform.