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Retreat in collaboration with Club Med and Cirque du Soleil

Retreats often focus on a temporary escape from reality but its effects usually disappear after returning home. Saul’s Place Counseling’s all-inclusive retreats are much more effective because they are focused on adopting a new lifestyle.

Everything visitors learn at this retreat they can simply apply in their daily lives. Adapting to this lifestyle will usually take 21 days. The retreats are available for 7, 14 or 21 days and there are options for different locations. From a sunny destination till winter wonderland. The retreats of 7 and 14 days are more intensive with more aftercare. This way there is still enough time to perfectly adapt to the lifestyle.
Visitors experience ultimate luxury during their stay and they also have their own butler. There is nothing they still have to pay for so the wallet stays safely in the locker.
Besides relaxing there is a daily programme with one or more activities a day which are easy to apply in their daily lives. This programme is not obligated but we advise our visitors to participate because of the increasing result. Also, visitors have access to unlimited services of Saul van der Bijl by Saul’s Place, among which personal consultations, business consultations, ‘eat and meets’ and tantra esthetic healings.
The entertainment has the same high quality level and will be provided by the G.O.’s with acts inspired on Cirque du Soleil. Visitors have the possibility to learn how to juggle, swing trapeze and more, during the acrobatic workshops led by Cirque du Soleil. “For this activities visitors have to overcome their fears and then they get an unbelievable amount of self-esteem”, according to Linda Kromhout, sales manager with Club Med. This unique combination with coaching allows the best possible result, because visitors get new energy. In short: unique activities they can't find elsewhere.