Saul's Place Group B.V.

The Evolution of Humankind stands with Us

Business units become self-reliant

On the 24th of June 2014 Saul’s Place decided that all their business units will gradually become
self-reliable. Because of this decision we can achieve an even better focus on the individual business units.
Saul’s Place Counseling is the first unit to become self-determined.

This part of Saul’s Place was the primary element when the business was started and it still is the core unit. Because of the reliable consultations as well as services in the areas of parapsychology, telehypnosis and fringe sciences.
Business activities of Saul’s Place Counseling will still carry the name ‘by Saul’s Place’. This way it stands for Saul’s Place’s notoriety, trust, quality, luxury and guarantees.
The mission of Saul’s Place Counseling is to deduct and reconsider paradigms and dogmas in frontier sciences and parapsychologic health development. It’s absolutely necessary for people to take this seriously. Now these techniques are mostly used by governments, who can easily use them because of the population’s ignorance.
Saul van der Bijl by Saul’s Place brings knowledge to consumers as a way to change that. Treatments as consultations, tantra esthetic healings and telehypnosis. Various health organizations have been showing interest to take a license of this techniques.